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MIKE HAMEL boasts 30 years of experience as photographer. His broad spectrum includes outdoor and action photography as well as studio and portrait photography. He impressively puts men and product in a good light.

The former editor and photo journalist captures people and moments full of atmosphere authentically, without having to stage a shot. As experienced sports photographer, who covered numerous world cups, world championships and the Olympic Games in Atlanta for German mountain bike magazines prior to the digital age, Mike Hamel knows that at a sport event you only get one chance for a certain shot. Repeats are impossible.


With his wealth of experience Mike Hamel managed to keep records of seven different disciplines at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, many of which he had never shot before.

Athletes, too, appreciate his accuracy. At photo shootings the first try is mostly the best, and his first shot is to a tee. That way, time is used efficiently and the motivation rises.

Thanks to modern DSLR technology, Mike Hamel also offers videography since 2009, which many clients gladly make use of.